The Festival

VillaMix Festival Goiânia breaks the attendance record and gets in the Guinness Book of Records for receiving more then 120 thousand people


Brazil turned its eyes once again to this, the nation’s largest music festival in the last weekend. During the days of July 1st and 2nd, the event, considered a reference in the show business market, received 120 thousand people to enjoy more then 24 hours of musical programs.

Fitting the slogan “The World is Mix”, 30 different artists with different rhythms and styles shared the stage and enchanted the public. Performing, were internationally known artists Demi Lovato, Maluma & Rudy, Mancuso, as well as the national artists Jorge & Mateus, DJ Alok, Ivete Sangalo, Matheus & Kauan, Simone & Simaria, Wesley Safadão, Luan Santana, Zeeba, Israel Novaes, Humberto & Ronaldo, Cesar Menotti & Fabiano, Jefferson Moraes, Israel & Rodolffo, Guilherme & Santiago, Aviões, Edu Chociay, Jetlag, Jonas Esticado and many more.

In addition to the artists, the 2017 edition brought a mark of notoriety surpassing all expectations.The stage was noted in the Guinness Book of Records as the “Largest stage in the world”, beating its own record with the astonishing structure of 69,37 meters in height, the equivalent of a 23-floor building, against a 52,30 meter anterior. The total area of the stage reached 2,900,00 m2, against 2.788,39 m2. With this configuration, the stage this year has 111,61 m2 more than 2015 and almost 18 meters higher than previous.

With an unparalleled structure and an amazing spectacle, the festival showcased the latest generation lightning with LED screens and a stage with modern concepts, with advanced technology and exclusive services. More than 1000 people worked on the event, providing the audience a great experience with ambience, fun and security.

On the internet and social networking, VillaMix Festival Goiânia also was very successful, being the most talked about subjects. The show marathons were broadcast live on the official VillaMix channel, YouTube ( 1 million viewers ) and the Multishow channel.

Guinness Book of Records

VillaMix Festival Goiânia succeeded its own mark and continued holding the record for the biggest stage in the world, certified in the Guinness Book of Records. The certificate was received by auditor Raquel Assis on Friday, the 30th during the festival.


Total area of the event: 88 thousand m2
150 tons of equipment
120 carts of equipment
1.200 professionals working in the building and disassembly of the entire structure
1.100 security personnel
1000 portable toilets
8 emergency centers ( 2 in each area)
5 thousand direct jobs
15 thousand indirect jobs
1.300 meters of LED lighting ( only in the stage)

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