The Festival

The VillaMix Festival Goiânia shakes the crowns on the 6th edition


With a huge audience and infrastructure, VillaMix Festival proved once again to be a success in the 6th edition held in Goiânia.
It was a marathon of 12 shows that started form 14hr on a Sunday (03/07) until 14h on Monday (04/07). A estimate of more then 40 thousand people attended, according to the organizers of the music festival in Brazil.

For 14 hours the festival was broadcast live from the official VillaMix channel and on the YouTube channel for more then 500 thousand people. In addition, it was broadcast on the Multishow channel. Some of the biggest names in national music like Jorge & Mateus, Wesley Safadão, Simone & Simaria, Matheus & Kauan, classic musicians like Bruno & Marrone and Chitãozinho & Xororó, Jefferson Moraes and DJ Alok made the event a success.

The VillaMix Festival Goiânia featured the presence of actress and singer Mariana Rios, along with famous personalities such as Sabrina Sato(tv presenter), Renata Domingues (actress), Mariana Xavier( actress), Rodrigo Simas( actor) ,Dany Bananinha, Gominho, Hugo Gloss, Ju de Paula(Blogger) Carol Macedo (actress), Gabi Lopes(actress), Thiago Brava(singer), Xand( singer), Israel & Rodolfo (duo), Nicole Bahis( model), Felipe Araújo(singer), and his father Araújo. These were just a few of the celebrities that showed up at the festival.

With unparalleled stage structure, the latest generation lighting , LED screens and a modern stage concept with high technology, over a 1000 thousand people worked on the event. The VillaMix Festival Goiânia 2016 entered the history of the most shows in one stage.

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