The Festival

VillaMix Festival Goiânia brings the crowd for the 5th edition


Once more, the absolute success with the audience and the amazing infrastructure of the event of The VillaMix Festival Goiânia proves the renown of the 5th edition held in the capital of Goiás.
One of the biggest surprises was the size of the huge stage structure that made the Guinness Book of Records, not to mention the marathon of shows that started from 14hr, on Sunday (06/09) and continued until 4h on Monday (07/09). The audience was estimated to be 48 thousand people, according to the organizers. This is what makes VillaMix one of the major Brazilian music festivals in the country.

During more then 13 hours of music, broadcast live from YouTube for more then 500 thousand people, big names in the national music scene such as Jorge & Mateus, Wesley Safadão,
Luan Santana, shared the same stage with the queen of axê music, Ivete Sangalo, who participated in the festival for the first time. To add even more star power to the festival, performers included Guilherme & Santiago, Israel Novaes, Matheus & Kauan, Bruninho & Davi, Humberto & Ronaldo and the winner of the “Iluminados” Faustão Sunday TV show, the singer Jefferson Moraes.

On the stage

The VillaMix Festival Goiânia 2015 was certified in the Guinness Book of Records, the annual publication that publishes international world records, as setting the record for the biggest stage structure in the world. The record was held previously by the band U2 ,with more then 50meters in height and 2694m2. The stage of VillaMix Festival Goiânia set the record with 2.788,39 m2 in height by 52,34m, with 628 tons of utilized equipment. It took a total of 31 days to build the infrastructure of the show setting the first record of this type in Brazil. This was the first time that the city of Goiânia has been mentioned in the Guinness book of records.

WIth the presence of the executives Ralph Hannah and Raquel Assis, the certificate was handed to the general director of the event, Marco Aurélio de Araújo, on the stage of VillaMix Festival Goiânia.

Official numbers

Stage area: 2.788,39 m2
Stage height: 52,34 m
Tons of equipment: 628 tons of equipment utilized in its construction
First time Goiânia entered the Guinness Book of Records
First time record certified by a judge
Brazil holds 100 records in history
First time in the history of Brazil that a stage is the biggest in the world
Brazil is the iSouth American country that buys the Guinness book of records
Mexico is the country with the most records
100 carts( trucks) utilized
It generated approximately 5 thousand jobs
1500 people were involved in the building of the entire structure

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