The Festival

VillaMix Festival Goiânia receives a special broadcast by the Globo network- ‘ Sintonize’.


It was aired by the Globo network on the program ‘Sintonize’—the televised festival of the third edition of VillaMix Festival Goiânia, one of the biggest sertanejo festival sin the country

The event was headlined by the duo Jorge & Mateus, the singers Gustavo Lima, Paula Fernandes and also the duo Bruno & Marrone. Also performing was the complete list of artists from Audiomix, the company responsible for the organization of the festival which held around 20 editions of the festival in various states in the country this year.

Presented by Murilo Rosa, the famous actor, the festival show was recorded in November in the city that originated the VillaMix Festival and gave the initial kickoff to the project. The capital of sertanejo music brought to the public a great show with the most popular names in the sertanejo category in Brazil to all the country. In this edition, the audience was estimated to be approximately of 50 thousand people.

The stage is known to be the biggest stage built in South America, with 100 meters of length and 20 meters of height, with 3 panoramic screens of LED, and the artists enchanted the public.
The duo Jorge & Mateus were the veterans of the Festival. “It’s always a great pleasure to be part of this festival. We always feel right at home when we sing in the VillaMix stage. Every year is a unique experience and we are very grateful. The ones that didn’t have the opportunity to come will have the chance to see it this Sunday,” the duo said.

The first two editions of the festival featured the same format, showcasing only the exclusive artists of Audiomix. In this edition, the producers provided innovation and invited the duo Bruno & Marrone and the singer Paula Fernandes. The other artists that shared the stage with them were Humberto & Ronaldo, Guilherme & Santiago and Israel Novaes, who opened the festival with a set show.
The event also featured the performance of George Henrique & Rodrigo, who sang with Bruno & Marrone and the duo Matheus & Kauan who performed together with Jorge & Mateus on the stage.

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